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Fond ''Bošnjaci'' Sarajevo

Bilateral Meetings

  • Thursday 09:30 - 15:30
DescriptionFund ''Bošnjaci'' is established in 1997 as a special cash waqf by the First President of the Republic of B&H, Alija Izetbegović for the purpose of replacement of highly-skilled staff devastated during the armed aggression against the Republic of B&H.
It is a Waqf since 2001 as a special cash waqf for the purpose of scholarship especially talented but socially vulnerable students, and the founding rights are transferred to Waqf Directorate.
So far over 2,300 scholarships were awarded to the gifted pupils and students of which are: over 100 students with an average grade of 10.00,  more than 200 students winners of the “Golden Badge", “Golden Plaque", “The Rector Charter", "The Dean Charter" and others, more than 150 freshman students of generation and 16 huffaz of the Holy Quran.
Assistance provided in teaching materials and equipment for about 2,000 students returnees in Republic Srpska.
Organization of a couple of days socializing of scholarship holders of the Fund for additional education, mutual acquaintance, exchange of ideas and experiences, development of solidarity, friendship etc., financial assistance and support to the scholarship holders of the Fund during presentation of scientific papers at international conferences, organization of literary competition for pupils and students from B&H and diaspora, organization of the alumni visit to the most important cultural and historical attractions in B&H, organization of educational seminars for the scholarship holders of the Fund, encouragement and support for competitions of pupils from primary and secondary schools from Islamic religion and Maktab lessons, encouragement and support of hifzi reciters etc.
Animating of new benefactors, donors and sponsors wishing to provide scholarships through Fund ''Bošnjaci'' to especially talented and socially vulnerable students in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Key characteristics and advantages of the project:
Preservation of cash waqf as a durable good.
Help in education by increasing the number of scholarships for especially gifted and socially disadvantaged students in the first and second cycle of studies.
Support for sustainable return of Bosniaks to the Republic Srpska through assistance in education, science and culture.
Support to other programs in the field of education, science and culture.
By breeding of endowed funds through additional cash endowment, donations or sponsorships are acquired the necessary conditions for the sustainability of Fund ''Bošnjaci''.
The greatest wealth and resources of Bosnia and Herzegovina are well-educated and professional young staff that can improve development of the economy through new investment and employment.
Investment in education and science of exceptionally talented and impecunious students is a long process but certainly the most profitable investment in Bosnia and Herzegovina. We expect that our scholars, after completion of studies and employment, will work to improve the social status of citizens through new investments, economic development and youth employment, to promote and financially support Fund ''Bošnjaci'', allowing its long-time existence and continuous scholarships for generation to come.

Expected form of cooperation with the potential waqif,  donors or sponsors
Provision of additional funding through additional endowment, donations and sponsorships in order to: Increasing the number of scholarships to the first cycle of studies. Scholarships for 50 exceptionally talented and impecunious students in the second cycle of studies. Equipping of primary school by teaching materials and equipment of schools with majority Bosniak children and provision of teaching aids and equipment for needs of returnee pupils in Republic Srpska. Support to other projects in the field of education and science.
Organization Type Joint venture
Project Worth/Investment interestsless than 2.5 mill €
CitySarajevo, Džemala Bijedića 17 Google map
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