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DescriptionClosenger d.o.o. is a legal entity, start-up company, which has no previous projects and it relies on rich experience in IT sector of its members. Legal entity has no earnings at this early stage, but there are projections of revenue and expenses which indicate that it could provide earnings in it's first year, since it belongs to fastest growing economy branch in the world. Closenger is a working finished product – a social network available for everyone, free to use for Android and iOS devices. That means it has enormous market where every user of a mobile device or tablet is a potential customer. Our user database grows with every day, everything works as expected, and tests have shown that infrastructure of our app can handle hundreds of thousands of users.
Organization Type Participation in project
Project Worth/Investment interestsless than 2.5 mill €
CityGradacac, Sviracka bb Google map
Areas of Activities

IT industry

    Less than 2,5 mill. EUR

    Growth dynamics depends, apart from technical specifications and features, equally on marketing stra

    About corporation
    Closenger d.o.o. is a legal authority of product social network Closenger. Limited liability company is registered in March 2017 in accordance with legal regulations in Bosnia and Herzegovina. As such, it is legally within the registry of the Municipal Court Tuzla. The headquarters of legal entity is in Gradačac, Sviračka bb st.
    Company assembly is made of 6 members, who are also shareholders in respective share percents. Currently our start-up has one employee.
    Product description
    Closenger is a finished product social network app which is totally independent of outer sources, created with own resources and available on Android and iOS devices for free.
    Closenger is a social network which has focus on discussion of users, but not as a classical forum type of discussion, but discussion about posts which are sorted by distance from user. This is a kind of precedent and an exceptional comparative advantage of this network when compared to other globally famous social networks. We are also talking about interpersonal relationships in the way that in era of globalization, where all the famous social networks are connecting people who are thousands of kilometers away, but meanwhile people are forgetting about their closest ones. With Closenger, that is not the case, because the first thing that user sees, are the posts which are geographically closest to him.
    Closenger as a product founds its concept on public posts, with exceptional measures of privacy protection. User has the ability to control the privacy on all levels of application.
    Product is publicly available, and it has been tested for several months by beta testers of various age, gender, affinities and by using the feedback from those users, we have now a finished product that is easy to use, register and participating in Closenger does not require any additional knowledge.
    Application also has a „Trending“ feature, which holds the connection to global trends, and shows to user the most popular posts in the past 24 hour on the entire network.
    Another astonishing feature that Closenger has is - there are no algorhythms for post filtering, and that guarantees users that his every post will be seen by his followers.
    Apart from the unique features, you have almost all the other features that other social networks have. That includes following friends, chat, posting various types of post etc.
    Various types of posts include following: image, video, text, GIF and url. When posting an image, you can enrich it with various filters, stickers, shadows and all the other image transformations.
    Design of application follows the rules of design, and it has very simple and intuitive interface.
    All this, gave Closenger a perfect opportunity to become a global multimedial platform for marketing on its own unique ways. It can become a marketing platform for marketing of big companies, where with sponsored content all the customers can provide their ads on certain geographical location, without any visibility restrictions that our rival social networks have.

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