Emir Ramić


Bilateral Meetings

  • Thursday 09:30 - 15:30
DescriptionA largest retail chain in Bosnia & Herzegovina. 

A pasta, paper tissue, furniture, clothing, snacks producer. 

A group of chicken egg farms & chicken meat farms. 
Company Bingo d.o.o. Tuzla was established in 1993 and since than achived great success in its primary activity - retail trade business. With over a 190 stores across the country and more than 7500 employees, Bingo is the leading retailer in Bosnia and Herzegowina. Beside trade, within our group we have several other activities and industries (manufacturing flips, potato chips and other snack foods, production of eggs, broiler chicken farming, production of pasta, production of spices and soups, textile industry, production of napkins, paper towels and handkerchiefs, the production of electricity by use of renewable energy sources. We are also the largest restaurant chain, because in each of our larger center we have a restaurant with pleasant atmosphere and rich menu, ideal place to enjoy great meal and shopping break. Bingo is a socially responsible company in all business segments. EBRD has recognized us as a socially responsible company and partner in cooperation with them in projects such as the energy efficiency. Our business is inspired with humanitarian work. We are proud owners of "Best friend of SOS kinderdorf BH" title. We are also co-founder of non-profit company for packaging waste recovery "Eko zivot". Through the rise of the value of domestic products, providing a pleasant atmosphere, the lowest prices in the region and socially-responsible attitude to the environment, we want to be the most desirable place for shopping in Bosnia and Herzegowina.
Organization Type Participation in project
Project Worth/Investment interestsless than 2.5 mill €
CityTuzla, ul. Bosanska poljana Google map
Areas of Activities


    Meat processing