Nedžad Šabić

Poliklinika dr. Šabić

Bilateral Meetings

  • Thursday 09:30 - 15:30
DescriptionPolyclinic "Dr. Šabić "is a health institution that was conceived and established in 2003 as a private healthcare institution specializing in all medical services involving a top team of specialists with laboratory and physical therapy. Maximum focus on the patient, with an emphasis on the superior equipment and availability of preventive and non-invasive diagnostic methods, provides early detection and treatment of a large number of diseases. In line with the development of medicine in the world, and with great progress in the treatment of diseases, the "Dr. Šabić" Polyclinic is not lagging behind in all segments for the most sought-after foreign polyclinics.
Organization Type Joint venture, Loan, Participation in project
Project Worth/Investment interestsless than 2.5 mill €
CityZenica, Ulica Bulevar Kulina Bana br. 30 Google map
Areas of Activities

Healthcare and Pharmaceuticals