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City of Bihać

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  • Thursday 09:30 - 15:30
DescriptionThe town of Bihać, based on the natural and other potential, created the key assumptions for the development of tourism, especially its selective forms such as sports and recreational tourism, eco-tourism, hunting tourism and cultural-historical tourism. Through professional planning and consistent implementation of one of the static and average tourist destinations, the city of Bihac has been transformed into one of the top tourist destinations in Bosnia and Herzegovina, which is reminiscent of the Una-brend of BiH tourism, with a strong growth in investment in the tourism sector and increasing employment in the short term this branch of the economy. Bihac is today one of the most popular destinations of continental tourism in BiH with particularly developed selective forms such as: sports and recreational tourism dominated by rafting, sailing, parachuting, cycling, fishing and hunting tourism, eco-tourism, and cultural-historical tourism. The example of the City of Bihac can see the positive influence of local government, where tourism as a strategic direction has not only remained on the declarative statement. On the contrary, creating formal assumptions, building local infrastructure, and building and restoring tourist destinations, Bihac has greatly contributed to the promotion of tourism and raising public awareness of its importance. Among the results that support the positive engagement of the local administration and other actors in the field of tourism in Bihac are the adoption of the Law on Una National Park. This has developed a positive image of the Une River, which is a tourist brand.
Organization Type Joint venture, Loan, Participation in project
Project Worth/Investment interests2.5 mill -25 mill €
CityBihać, Bosanska 4 Google map
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