Haris Rahman

Prevent BH

Bilateral Meetings

  • Thursday 09:30 - 15:30
DescriptionPrevent Group introduced its manufacturing operations in 1999 in Bosnia and Herzegovina. The Group commenced in Visoko with a production of seat covers. Prevent Group is now the largest private sector company in Bosnia and a leading automotive supplier in Europe. The Group’s manufacturing system follows the just-in-time model, which requires continuous and strictly synchronized delivery of parts to minimize inventory and optimize speed and quality of production. This applies to Prevent’s own products and to the delivery of parts to the Group’s customers. With a proven and successful commitment to the economic and social development of Bosnia and Herzegovina and an enviable record of success in production, Prevent is a model of best practice and a magnet for foreign investment.
Organization Type Joint venture, Loan, Participation in project
Project Worth/Investment interests2.5 mill -25 mill €
CitySarajevo, Bulevar Mese Selimovica 16 Google map
Areas of Activities