Ahmed Jawahery

Middle East Trading & Engineering S.P.C

Bilateral Meetings

  • Thursday 09:30 - 15:30
DescriptionProducts & Services: 1. Services for industrial and power stations. 2. General Agencies, Consultancy & Advisors to International Companies, mainly in the field of power stations, oil & gas and petrochemical industries 3. Bonded warehouse facilities at Bahrain International Airport. 4. Property Developers – Commercial and Residential. 5. English Language Education Centre (American Cultural & Educational Centre) 6. Medical Services. Royal Bahrain Hospital – RBH & KIMS Bahrain Medical Centre-KBMC, RBH-Medex Medical Centre, MRI Centre Related British Companies: Parsons Peebles Machines Ltd, Gates E&S Bahrain WLL London Corporate Trading Related Bahrain Companies: American Cultural & Educational Centre – ACEC Excellence Industrial Maintenance Company S.P.C. Global Logistical Services WLL, Royal Bahrain Hospital – RBH KIMS – Bahrain Medical Cent MRI Centre
Organization Type Joint venture
Project Worth/Investment interestsMore than 25 mill €
Citymanama, Manama Google map
Areas of Activities

Banking and financial services

    Commercial and Residential Real Estate