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m.Doc was launched with a go al larger and greater than any other telehealth company : to enable healthcare anytime, everywhere. To do this, m. Doc needed to be much more than a telehealth company, it needed to create a holistic approach to communication and the patient and provider experience. m.Doc needed to become a “healthcare experience company.”

With this vision i n mind, m.Doc’s technology has been created carefully from the beginning – to scale not only in numbers of customers and users, but in functionality. This idea gave birth to the Angelus Digital Health Operating System (OS). “Playing well with others” is a principal str ategy, which has resulted in the tactics of connecting via APIs and established standards.

m.Doc’s first customer presented another unique opportunity – to create the first patient engagement platform intended to engage patients not only at home, but whi le in healthcare facilities, and then back home again – across the entire patient journey. The result is the Smart Clinic platform, built on the Angelus OS. The rehabilitation hospital system Median Kliniken uses it to interact with patients prior to hos pital admitt ance, during the stay, and post - discharge (whether to another facility, or at home). While m.Doc’s own video consult capability (telehealth) and wireless biometric device ecosystem provide remote healthcare and monitoring, the “playing well with others” strategy has enabled further improvement in the patient experience by integrating such third - party applications as intra - facility mapping and location services (e.g., Where am I and where is my n ext appointment?), and the same online newspaper and magazine service as used by frequent flier lounges and five - star hotels. Patient questionnaires and surveys are also easily created, depl oyed and managed.

The telehealth capability is well - developed, and both m.Doc and some of its customers are deploying Angelus OS exclusively for this functionality. In addition to video and audio communication, it includes appointment generation and calend ars, a digital waiting room, chat (with patient, or just between providers), review of device data, and the po ssibility to integrate it with providers’ website s and EHRs .

The device ecosystem mentioned above also has some unique characteristics. A large and growing number of third - party wireless devices have been integrated into the Angelus OS. It includes well - known medical devices from companies such as Omron, Nonin, Roche, iHealth, vitalograph, and fitness apps/devices such as Nokia (Withings), Fitbit , Garmin, Apple’s HealthKit , and more. Recently, GE Healthcare announced a partnership to integrate their portable ultrasound device for the first time into a telehealth system – the Angelus OS.

m.Doc has also developed before unseen technology functionali ty into Angelus OS. In most video consult systems, when bandwidth becomes an issue, the entire conversation is terminated. Knowing the importance of continuing communication in emergent medical situations, m.Doc designed the system to automatically switc h from video to audio - only when bandwidth become limited.

m.Doc takes healthcare and the effectiveness of its toolset very seriously. To this end, m.Doc has qualified as a Technical Affiliate of the International Consortium for Health Outcomes Measurement (ICHOM). ICHOM is co - founded by Harvard’s Institute for Strategy and Competitiveness, the Karolinska Institutet (Sweden), and Boston Consulting Group, and supported by organizations such as the Mayo Clinic, NHS, Tenet, and major providers and disease assoc iations from around the world. To become a Technical Affiliate, m.Doc’s technology had to meet rigorous standards regarding access, security, reliability, unique patient identification, and adaptability. Additionally, the video conferencing and device - bas ed, remote monitoring are CE certified as medical products, a step beyond the non - certified route of many telemedicine platforms.

Finally, m.Doc is going into unique niches where other telehealth providers have not gone, all in the name of maintaining th e healthcare mobility of the end users. m.Doc is enabling the provision of telehealth services on airplanes (partnership with Airbus ), merchant ships, cruise ships, trains, and more.

Recognizing this unique development and positioning of m.Doc in the marketplace is also attracting the attention of large partners , who want to enable m.Doc’s scaling across the world. 


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