Zijad Fazlagić

Hidogradnja d.d. Sarajevo

Bilateral Meetings

  • Thursday 09:30 - 15:30
DescriptionManufacture, transport and installation of building materials Design and construction works   The main activity of Hidrogradnja is the production, transport and installation of building materials and prefabricated concrete elements for the needs of building and civil engineering. The product range includes a wide range of concrete elements, both standard and custom made according to customer requirements. Take a look on our projects at the following links: ELECTRIC ENERGY PROJECTS (http://www.hidrogradnja.ba/index.php?type=0&a=114) HYDROTECHNICAL PROJECTS (http://www.hidrogradnja.ba/index.php?type=0&a=115) CONSTRUCTION ENGINEERING OBJECTS (http://www.hidrogradnja.ba/index.php?type=0&a=120) BUILDINGS (http://www.hidrogradnja.ba/index.php?type=0&a=124) INDUSTRIAL AND MINING PROJECTS (http://www.hidrogradnja.ba/index.php?type=0&a=116) PRODUCTION OF CONSTRUCTION MATERIAL (http://www.hidrogradnja.ba/index.php?type=0&a=121) RRT (OVERHAUL WORKSHOPS AND TRANSPORT) (http://www.hidrogradnja.ba/index.php?type=0&a=123)
Organization Type Joint venture, Loan, Participation in project
Project Worth/Investment interestsMore than 25 mill €
CitySarajevo, Izeta Čomare bb Ilidža Google map
Areas of Activities


    Water and water treatment