Ebrahim Mohamed Ali Zainal


Bilateral Meetings

  • Thursday 09:30 - 15:30
DescriptionA family owned integrated sales and marketing company offering a range of FMCG lines (food and non-food) Established in 1930, MAZA represents 16 brands spanning 18 categories Complete warehousing, logistics and distribution agency addressing key retail, wholesale, down market and institutional & catering segments Brand portfolio - food (Dry, Frozen & Chilled) & Non-Food items
Organization Type Joint venture
Project Worth/Investment interestsMore than 25 mill €
CityManama, MAZA P.O.Box 593 Google map
Areas of Activities

Agriculture and food

    Meat processing

      2,5 mill. EUR – 25 mill. EUR

      Requesting to meet biggest company related to meat.

      I require to meet a company focused on beef only.